The 7 Adventure
The 7 Adventure

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"You can't help but grin from ear to hear when listening to the bright, uplifting energy of Night Vision"

Jerry Gladstone

"Night Vision... not a retro sound but a fresh contemporary sound. And very addicitive!"

Indie Pop-Ups
MUSIC BLOG (Holland)

"I'm in love with this beat and the bass and the electric guitars are amazing here. A killer track!"

CAESAR Live n Loud
MUSIC BLOG (Portugal)

The 7 Adventure

One story, seven episodes

KYZR presents The 7 Adventure. A music and art project that consists of 7 songs with 7 one-minute videos. All of the songs are an episode in a timeless manga-style narrative about the life of a boy and girl in the modern ages.



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Brothers Producing Uplifting Electropop

KYZR is brothers, producers and multi-instrumentalists Marcel and Stefan Keyser (Amsterdam, Holland). Groomed for years in a variety of local indie acts and bands, KYZR is their well-aimed shot at a larger stage. Analogue grooves and classic pop-songwriting are combined with electronic beats and instruments, forging a marriage between classic disco/soul (The Jacksons/Breakbot) and modern electro-pop acts like Daft Punk & Roosevelt.

KYZR songs stand out for their uplifting vibes and reliance on video imagery. Mixing and mastering engineers Blake Eiseman (USA: Jay-Z, Usher, Beyoncé) and Colin Leonard (USA: Ludacris, Kimbra, Justin Bieber) crossed the t's and dotted the i's on the production of their releases.

In 2017/2018 KYZR is presenting: The 7 Adventure. A music and art project that consists of 7 songs with 7 hand-drawn and imaginative OneMinuteVideos in a timeless manga-style narrative: about a boy and a girl in the modern ages.

What It Means (3rd single) featuring Erik Frisberg on vocals (Stockholm/Sweden) was released in January 2018, and got noticed and appreciated by different blogstations in the US, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Italy & Greece. Youtube channel Funky Panda (Canada) shared and promoted the song on their Youtube channel. Dutch National Radio (NPO Radio2) generated attention, too.

Last June KYZR released Night Vision (5th single). The song got promising reviews and shares in the US, Brazil, Canada, Portugal, Austria, the Netherlands and Australia.

September 28th track number 6 has been released, called Forever Always. The song is about losing one of your most loved ones and -at the same time- feeling more connected than ever. The video that accompanies this track brings a tragic but beautiful episode in the animated story (series).

KYZR will release a total of seven singles-in-a-row. They will appear on their debut album and animated story (series)
The 7 Adventure.

The Team

Inspiring to work together

Nigel Brown

Lead Singer - Under The Surface


Lead Singer - #Episode 2
Munich, Germany

Erik Frisberg

Lead Singer #Episode 3,4,5,6
Stockholm, Sweden

Blake Eiseman

Mix Engineer
Florida, USA

Colin Leonard

Mastering Engineer
Atlanta, USA

Egon de Regt

Visual Artist
Rotterdam, Holland

Marcel Julius

Amsterdam, Holland

Stefan Thomas

Amsterdam, Holland


Check out our behind the scenes videos

KYZR behind the scenes - Forever Always

Forever Always

feat. Erik, Egon and Michel

KYZR behind the scenes - Night Vision Roadtrip to Stockholm

Night Vision

Roadtrip to Stockholm

KYZR behind the scenes - Start Again feat. The Dishwasher

Start Again

feat. The Dishwasher

KYZR behind the scenes - What It Means feat. Egon de Regt

What It Means

feat. Egon de Regt

KYZR behind the scenes - What It Means feat. Erik Frisberg

What It Means

feat. Erik Frisberg

KYZR behind the scenes - Get Into My Rocket

Get Into My Rocket

feat. JB

KYZR behind the scenes - behind the remix

Behind the Remix

Tweaking sounds

KYZR behind the scenes - the photoshoot

The Photoshoot

feat. Miquel Gonzalez

KYZR behind the scenes - in the studio

Under The Surface

feat. Nigel Brown

KYZR behind the scenes - the visuals

The Visuals

feat. Egon de Regt

KYZR behind the scenes - rehearsal


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